Brokering strategic solutions for a resilient future

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Bringing cities, governments and innovators together –
a critical path to a resilient future

In the face of unprecedented global challenges, regional and global alliances, governments, cities, businesses, innovators and communities are looking to harness systemic responses, scaled-up outcomes and proven innovations faster and further than ever before.

The Lunar Works & Tynos Consulting works to broker solutions pathways – bringing together strategy, innovation and delivery in the pursuit of smart, tech-enabled, human-centred resilient places and communities.

We broker solutions to complex challenges.

Openness, collaboration, multi-lensed analysis and creativity are the keys to unlocking the new markets, methods and behaviours that are necessary for a better future.

Working ethically with tech offers enormous opportunities. Brokering scalable solutions and pathways with governments, cities and businesses is crucial to bring about agile, transformational change.

We are open, dynamic and inquisitive and we value collaborative working techniques in unleashing the best from everyone.