Tynos Consulting – strategic collaboration for resilient cities and communities

We have joined forces with leading sustainability consultancy, Tynos Consulting, to bring a new combined set of services to the market – bringing together expertise in city-region sustainability and resilience across strategy, policy, assurance and programme development, with expertise in brand development, communications, digital strategy and design, social media and behaviour change.

Tynos Consulting – led by sustainable and resilient cities expert, Ed Synnott – work with government, private and NGO sectors across the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Spain, in the areas of water, energy and carbon, waste, healthy living, housing and regeneration, food and major events.

With over 25 years experience, Ed draws on an international work portfolio including managing the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012; building Arup Australasia’s national business in sustainable cities; and devising the London Leaders Programme for the London Sustainable Development Commission.

Ed’s experience in working with sustainable city plans and programmes includes the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide, Melbourne’s ZeroNet Strategy, Auckland’s Carbon Strategy (as part of its inaugural regional Plan), Sydney’s Metropolitan Plan, Western Sydney’s Regional Plan, and the London Plan.

Engagement, leadership and behaviour change have been at the heart of many of the projects Ed has spearheaded, including with the London Sustainable Development Commission and in addressing the sustainability challenges within cities.

Both The Lunar Works and Tynos Consulting are known for putting people at the heart of all that we do. This shared core value is key to our collaboration.

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