Ditching Disposables

We are working with Zero Waste Scotland to design and deliver a campaign working with communities, events and local cafes in Edinburgh and the East of Scotland, to eliminate single use items.

Working with traders, events organisers, communities and stakeholders in developing and providing alternative solutions to common challenges such as single use ‘glassware’ at events, venue dressing and bottled water.

We have developed a range of innovations in behaviour change, technologies, stakeholder engagement and governance to support this  paradigm shift in communities, businesses and cultural activities.

Our work forms part of a £1million pilot project with 14 organisations testing alternatives to single-use disposable items across Scotland.

Zero Waste Scotland Chief Executive, Iain Gulland, said: “We know single-use items are blighting communities across Scotland and it is something we are determined to tackle. Some of these are only used for a matter of minutes yet can hang around our environment for years. We are working with communities to see what can be done to solve issues they have identified.

“Curbing our consumption habit is vital if we want to have a real impact on the climate emergency, so it’s fantastic to have so many organisations right across Scotland on board to look at what we can change to pioneer an alternative approach.”

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