South East Water: online customer engagement during drought

Jane McLaughlin developed and delivered an online awareness-raising and behaviour change campaign for South East Water during the 2011-2012 drought in the South East of England. From creating and publishing content to highlight issues and raise awareness of the need for a collaborative approach to the drought to publishing information about water resources, reservoir levels and groundwater sources, the website became a key resource for the public, stakeholders and the media during this time.

Jane worked with customer services and the drought management team to create a web-based solution to encourage customers with extra, or special, needs to register with the Company for water use exemptions, and join its Special Assistance Register.

The online programme of engagement, which was complemented by a wide range of customer and community activities during the height of the drought and temporary restrictions, led to a four-fold increase in customers registered for special assistance, ensuring they get the extra help they need during future water supply issues.

Our work:

Behaviour change campaign strategy, digital strategy, content, design and delivery.