South East Water

South East Water

We have worked with South East Water for a number of years, to create and implement digital and social media strategies for this major water company. The company was keen to use social media as a platform for customer communication and engagement and to transform the customer experience.

With a practical approach and strategic vision, Jane developed the company’s online presence, including project managing the design and build of the company website, with a complete review and digital transformation project in 2013, platform technical design, selection and implementation of the Content Management System (the first water company to use open source).

We have also worked with the company to design the strategy, process and protocols by which both companies could enjoy a proactive social media presence, and encourage customers to join the conversation – whether it be on community initiatives or business plans.

Using social media also provided new avenues in which the companies could handle and resolve – quickly and efficiently – customer queries or complaints. We developed the social media strategy and roadmap to using social media for customer service, working at Executive team level to support the business objectives as well as working directly with the teams to provide training, mentoring and support through the process.

The use of Twitter and social media by the companies’ customer service teams has proved essential during major incidents, including the severe winter storms and floods in 2013. Jane worked with in-house teams to maintain clear, timely customer messaging across web-based and social media channels. 

We continue to provide guidance and strategic input as the company develops its digital presence.