The Lunar Works & Tynos Consulting are partnering​ with Future Earth Ltd, ICLEI-Europe and Resilience Brokers Ltd to host the​ inaugural UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Smart Sustainable Cities Initiative on 22nd – 23rd February in Bristol and 1st – 2nd March in London. The initiative will act as a long-term opportunity to forge strong city-to-city connections focused on implementable smart and sustainable solutions and offer an ongoing platform for exchange of innovation, knowledge and experience.

The Lunar Works & Tynos Consulting also created the programme branding and communications, including designing and producing the programme website and social media campaigns.

UK cities will showcase how they have achieved implementable goals together with their academic and private sector partners, and for EU cities to highlight their aims and objectives in similar areas. The initiative will ​ bring together practitioners, experts and policy makers and facilitate city to city dialogue about tangible solutions with project-ready partners.

Participants will​ share their challenges and successes across 2 events with 4 thematic areas:

  • ​Sustainable​ transport
  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Smart grids and renewable energy
  • Circular economy
  • Smart data management/data driven economy
  • Common ticketing systems
  • E-mobility
  • Internet of Things

Detailed information ​and case studies are available on the Smart Sustainable Cities website.