What’s in a name? Creative brand workshop with SES Water

As the UK water industry continues to evolve, with ever-more focus on quality of service, greater choice for customers and the need to ensure long term resilience, water supply company, Sutton and East Surrey Water’s board identified the need to reassess the company brand and name and to create a new identity that would reflect the Company’s vision and values.

The Company asked Jane McLaughlin to create and facilitate a creative workshop with broad
range of participants from the business – including colleagues, directors and representation from shareholders – to collaborate on the new identity.

Jane created a lively, interactive workshop, with pre-event work and a follow up strategic report. During the workshop the group was asked to consider how the company is perceived, both within and outside the company and what challenges the brand presents for the Company.

The workshop was very well-received and resulted in key recommendations, draft names and outline brand ideas being presented to the Board, with one of the proposed names and concepts ultimately being selected as the new company identity.